Talent Acquisition Leaders

The Missing Link For TA Leadership

Hiregate - finally see the whole recruiting picture and manage the numbers as well as the talent.

Hiregate Collects and Creates
Value to You
Sourcer, Recruiter and Processor production
  • Understand what your team is doing in “real time”
  • Manage in-house, hybrid and remote recruiters
  • Scale based on metrics and logic
  • Advocate for your team by demonstrating ROI
Set realistic recruiting goals and the activities to attain them
Meet and exceed commitments on time to fill and candidate quality
Pinpoint blockades to goals ahead of the curve
Adjust your team activities, add or subtract resources with confidence in order to keep your goals
Tracks true source of candidate and true source of hire
Accurately track, set and reset your spend with sites and tools
Tracks All Sourcing Data
Learn what your Sourcers do daily, review progress, modify goals, champion their work

While Sourcing and recruiting disposition each candidate with one touch.

Designate which candidates go into which marketing campaign

Gain the interest and engage passive seekers providing you access to all the best talent as compared to only the interested talent

Create pipelines for future hires based on requisitions and their talent as compared to a community of possible hires

View the Team's progress as a whole as well as individuals
Compare your teams’ talents. Discover training opportunities and workforce plan with confidence in abilities
Transparent view of all work per requisition for all Sourcers, Recruiters and Processors
Allowing the team to know what needs to be focused on, determine where they as individuals are in their activity goals and promote self management
All documentation and notes of recruitment in one place from when Sourcing begins to hire
Access all recruiting data in one centralized data base
Create custom reporting with just a few clicks
Get the data you need to make decisions quickly and effectively
Hiring Manager Portal (optional)
Show the Hiring Manager your progress, what it takes to get them the best candidates and how focused your team is on getting them what they need

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