Set Goals, Monitor Activities, Surpass Expectations

The Missing Link For Sourcing Leaders

Hiregate equips you with the data to manage your team and share your work with all Stakeholders

Hiregate Collects
Value to You
Sourcing / Recruiter Production
  • Manage your staff anywhere in real time
  • Learn your teams’ strengths and areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate and Validate your teams work and worth to all Stakeholders
Candidate source
  • Understand your ROI from job boards, LinkedIn and all aggregators
  • Plan more accurately based on data from former searches
  • Create more effective budgeting
Time to Find, Engage and Process
  • Set realistic goals with your team and all stakeholders
  • Plan your team’s work more accurately
  • Establish trust with Hiring Managers by using metrics to define your methods and expectations
One central database for all sourced, incoming, referrals and internal candidates
  • View all candidates in one place, pick from the whole pool finding the best candidates
Disposition as you find candidates
  • Automated marketing campaigns do the work, your team gets the status reports and learn who to focus on for current and future hires
Customized fields to collect business data while recruiting
  • Suggest business ideas by collecting candidates sentiment of your organization, specific products or competitors positioning

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