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Hiregate supplies you with all the data you need to create and execute a highly effective talent acquisition strategy and aligns your team to the businesses they support

Hiregate Collects
Value to You
The entire Recruiting cycle: Your team can centralize all their Sourcing, Engaging and Talent Pool activities. The ATS – which only begins to collect data when a candidate applies – is augmented by Hiregate with the collection of all pre-applicant engagement and activities
You have a clear line of sight into all the activities and results of your sourcing and recruiting team
Provides micro and macro insights into recruiting success and delays while supplying projections of areas of concern for the current and future state
Confidently create a comprehensive recruitment strategy for today and the future
Workforce planning: Hiregate measures your Recruiting team’s activity production and helps you discover their strengths and areas for improvement

Use metrics to assure you have the right kind of recruiting talent in place to execute your strategy effectively

Recruiting tools are expensive and reactive recruiting always leads to last-minute spending on often overpriced tools and/or outside agencies. Hiregate tells you where all the recruitment dollars are going and if, in fact, they have been successful and to what degree

Demonstrates the true ROI of recruiting tools
No more wondering IF you are planning and targeting the right candidates to meet your people objectives.  HG supplies all the data you need to see where you’ve been, where you are going and suggestions to get you to your goals
Data that is critical in determining your DEI strategy, Talent Acquisition Structure, what your true EVP – Employee Value Proposition – is, your culture from the outside viewpoint

Are your salaries in line? Do you have a reputation issue? Who should you be targeting to recruit?

Candidate decline reasons are powerful tools for planning that affect your overall people strategy and much more

Capturing Candidate Decline Reasons and candidate sentiment
Need to show your team worth? Want to understand your candidate base better? As your team engages candidates, you can arm them with market questions relevant to not only recruiting and their perception of your Employee Value Proposition, but also pertinent questions that affect your company’s bottom line
Customized Reporting and Connecting Talent Acquisition to the Business
Show the value of TA as a Trusted Partner to the Business

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