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Historically, recruiting technologies like ATS (applicant tracking systems) have focused on capturing data once a candidate applies. However, truly effective recruiting, for every kind of employment, is highly dependent on a multitude of factors including:

  • Recruiter’s ability to actively seek out and engage candidates
  • The ability for management to set recruitment activity targets for both onsite and remote Recruiters
  • Reporting of salary comparisons, candidate decline reasons, and candidate experience measuring
  • The recruiting team’s ability to find, engage, and build relationships within the recruiting market
  • Created by Recruiters for Recruiters, Hiregate is user friendly and easily adopted

Hiregate is the only software that collects all the recruitment data. Providing a clear line of sight of the complete talent acquisition cycle in real time, Hiregate empowers recruiters and their organizations to increase their speed of hire while targeting the best suited candidates, and results in better hires faster.

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