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The challenge with using your ATS to manage all of your recruiting efforts is that it is made to start at the Applicant while so much more happens in the recruiting process.

HireGate augments your ATS and provides Recruiters and TA Leaders with the whole Talent Acquisition Picture.

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Recruiting is so much more than getting people to apply through your ATS. There’s candidate sourcing, relationship management, measuring recruiter productivity etc. – all the things your ATS misses out on. What if you could have all those features and keep your ATS? That’s where HireGate comes in.

HireGate is the ultimate candidate relationship and recruitment management system; it enhances your current applicant tracking system to complete your recruitment cycle, helping you fill positions with the best talent faster.

With HireGate, you can:

  • Track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, from sourced to hired
  • Nurture candidate relationships
  • Get insights into your recruitment process with powerful reporting
  • Manage your recruiters’ productivity

HireGate turns your pre-applicant process from chaos involving spreadsheets and scattered notes into a well-oiled machine with one easy-to-use system. Speak with a sales rep today to learn how HireGate can help you!

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Source top talent and track their progress throughout the recruiting process.

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Match candidates to right open position for them.

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Get powerful insights and data on your recruiters and the entire recruiting process.

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